AiroSpring's portable mattress toppers have been designed with an emphasis on your health and your comfort. Developed from healthcare technology Airospring uses unique 3D fabric technology to provide comfort on the move.

Tired of being tired? Finding it difficult to sleep at night due to an uncomfortable surface? Perfect for festivals , motorhomes, caravans and camping trips

The mattress toppers offer levels of comfort that are unobtainable with standard toppers thanks to Airospring technology. 

  • Creating a microclimate next to the skin allowing it to stay warm or cool depending on the temperature
  • Provide greater comfort than memory foam or air mattresses.
  • Promoting breathability and air permeability, tested to ISO 13092
  • Dissipation of sweat keeping the skin cool
  • True mobility thanks to flexible foldability of the camping mattress topper
  • Hypo-allergenic and fully machine washable to 40oC
  • Recyclable - 100% Polyester