We all love festivals and are happy to give up some creature comforts but a bad night's sleep is never a good thing. Mostly we get too hot or too cold. Too cold can be fixed by adding another layer. Getting too cold is harder with sleeping bags and enclosed spaces. Airbeds help but generally make you very sweaty. 

Airospring mattress toppers can help as you are lying on a inch of air which helps to circulate and keep you cool. Developed for the healthcare industry our toppers are tried and tested and also provide comfort and support without taking up too much space. Our tips for a good night's sleep

  • Use earplugs and a eye mask to block out light
  • Use a sleeping bag with a low Tog rating and open if necessary
  • Use an Airbed and Airospring mattress topper for comfort and airflow
  • Keep well hydrated
  • Set an alarm!  you might need it